Design + School

About Us. Well, really, it's just me.

Design + School is designed and managed by Jeff Castle, a graphic design instructor at Albany High School in Albany, California. I created this site because I got tired of seeing my students lured to expensive, sub-par programs after high school. But this site is not just for undergrads; we feature information and reviews for most of the country's top graduate programs in graphic design, fashion, architecture and more.

It's a catch-22 that art and design schools excel at creating flashy, enticing advertisements. Their marketing budgets are large, or at least, they place an emphasis on marketing. They use the tenets of good (and bad!) design to build a picture of their student experience that may or may not be accurate.

Design + School removes the clutter, providing you with clear, unbiased reviews of art schools and design programs throughout the country. Go ahead, check out our competition. There are other sites that purport to provide the same information. Just promise me that if you find the reviews stacked with 25 entries from different campuses of the same expensive school, that you'll come back here when you're done.